Trident Range

Powerscreen® Trident dewaterer is a mobile screw recovery twin bucket wheel designed to remove clays, silt and slimes to produce up to 2 grades of sand.

The Trident range is designed to operate with maximum versatility and can support different requirements such as 'maximum retention of fines' or 'maximum disposal of fines'.

Tridents can be driven hydraulically from a Commander 1400, MKII, Chieftain or from its own optional electric power pack.

Features & Benefits:

  • Output potential: up to 150 tph (165 US tph)
  • High capacity depending on material size and type
  • Economical in operation
  • Can produce either 1 or 2 grades of material
  • Excellent fines recovery
  • Specially designed inlet boxes which reduce turbulence at entry
  • Weir discharge system
  • Increased drainage time produces a drier product
  • Can be hydraulically coupled to any Powerscreen mobile rinser unit
  • Single and double grade chutes (plastic lined)
  • Slurry intake boxes (rubber lined)
  • High capacity variable speed twin bucket wheel
  • Deep fluted fines recovery screw with variable speed
  • Adjustable plate between bucket and settling tank for release or retention of fines


  • Boiler box for dry feed
  • Input boxes with 8" or 10" (200mm or 250mm) inlets
  • Static unit without towbar and wheels
  • Electric hydraulic powerpack - 11kW (15HP)


1 2 X2
Weight 5,000kgs (11,020lbs) 7,480kgs (16,800lbs) 8,660kgs (19,090lbs)
Working width 3.67m (12') 4.21m (13'10") 4.21m (13'10")
Working length 4.77m (15'8") 6.53m (21'5") 7.69m (25'3")
Working height 3.52m (11'6") 3.66m (12'1") 3.67m (12'1")
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