A DUO MRF was an ‘Easy’ decision


Dartford based waste and recycling company Easy Load are now operating a new waste sorting plant manufactured and supplied by DUO Manufacturing, part of the DUO (Europe) plc group.

Easy Load is a family run business that has been working in the waste industry since 1968, have upgraded their facilities to increase the efficiency of their waste sorting. Receiving waste through their skip business which operates across Kent, South London and Essex, Easy Load provide their waste removal services to individual householders, schools, government contracts, local builders and national construction companies.

The new waste sorting plant, which is designed to handle up to 50 tph, will be processing a variety of material types, although a sizable portion will be construction and demolition waste. Prior to the commercial and domestic skip waste being fed to the MRF it is pre-sorted to remove the +600mm material, +25kg material and any combustible or corrosive materials.

It is after this pre-sorting stage that the business reaps the reward of their investment. Once separated the waste material is sold to local business which reduces the waste to landfill. Prior to the installation this was a time consuming exercise that, apart from the use of a mobile screen to remove oversize, was done entirely by hand.

The Plant
The process is very simple with incoming waste materials being fed by wheeled loader into a feed hopper, which was designed and manufactured in-house by DUO. Materials then pass through a vibrating feeder and onto an inclined conveyor which subsequently feeds into a 6 bay trommel screen, which was also designed and manufactured in-house by DUO. The heavy-duty, 9.4m x 2.4m trommel mechanically grades the fines fraction into two sizes by further screening.

DUO Manufacturing Director — Dudley Lloyd commented on the trommel selection “The right size trommel is key to the efficiency of any installation; we looked at Easy Loads application and rather than trying to compete purely on price we’ve made sure they have the right equipment for the job”.

All oversize material exits the trommel and is fed onto a link conveyor to the 10 man picking station. This link conveyor is fitted with an air knife blower, situated just below the head drum this blower separates any oversize lightweight materials which are then transferred to a lights cage through a totally enclosed steel duct.

All heavy materials then move onto a 1200mm wide picking belt within the picking station which conveys the material past a team of operators, each operator manually selecting and rejecting specific materials not required in the end product via discharge chutes into the bays below. Any unpicked material then passes under an overband magnet to remove any ferrous metals before going on to be stockpiled via a discharge chute at the end of the belt.

The picking belt is enclosed within a 17.5m cabin and is equipped with a continuous, centrally positioned tensioned pull wire above the belt for emergency stop situations creating a safe and hospitable environment for sorting waste.

An ‘Easy’ Decision
For Easy Load, DUO Manufacturing stood out in what is a highly competitive market.

“We’ve developed a good relationship with DUO, they have helped us a great deal from our initial discussions through to the support they continue to provide.” commented Easy Load Owner — Tommy Lee. He added “We’ve been looking to invest in this type of facility for a couple of years now and in that time we’ve visited several sites to view similar operations and the specification and build quality of all of DUO Manufacturing’s plants has been very impressive”

Tommy commented further “Every element has been designed to last and the maintenance requirements are very simple.”