Cost Effective Recycling of Clean Construction and Demolition Materials


Recycling has also been at the forefront with DUO. The equipment division has recently supplied and commissioned a new full washing and water-management plant for ECO Aggregates in Colchester. ECO Aggregates are part of the Anderson Group who specialise in cost effective recycling of clean construction and demolition materials.

Resplendent in its striking red livery the plant is the first venture for Eco Aggregates into washing soils and aggregate under a partnership agreement with Taywood. The plant is currently employed recycling material from the construction process for reuse, as part of the residential development of Colchester Garrison.

DUO have also supplied a second full washing and water-management plant for another site operated by Eco Aggregates.

Partly funded by a grant from WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action Programme) the plant will operate at a previously disused quarry near Welwyn Garden City. This is a new venture for Eco Aggregates who have obtained temporary planning permission to recycle imported C&D waste etc, from local sites. Whilst the primary objective is the restoration of the quarry from the recovered silt and clay derived from the recycling operation; the resulting processed aggregates will be used in asphalt and concrete production as well as for sub-base, capping and drainage materials.