New Rail Unloading and Stockpiling Plant for Day Aggregates


DUO Manufacturing has recently completed a Rail Unloading and Stockpiling Plant for Day Aggregates at their Tolworth site.

The new rail discharge system at Tolworth has been designed to emulate the operating philosophy of an existing system at Brentford, whilst utilising design features and components from the Purley system previously supplied by DUO.

DUO supplied a rail unloading station, complete with rail bridge and receiving hopper. Incoming material is fed onto an 1800 mm wide x 13.2 metres long horizontal conveyor, rated at 1400 tph with a variable speed drive.

From this conveyor material is then fed onto a second belt, a1400 mm wide x 19 metres long inclined conveyor. Rated at 1400 tph this conveyor is fitted with an inverter drive to maximise starting torque.

All of which is housed in a purpose built shed with composite cladding, two roller shutter doors, four personnel doors with electronic keypad locks and two fire exits.

Material then leaves the building and is fed onto a 1400 mm wide x 102 metres long tripper conveyor, complete with one 1400 mm wide x 5.0 metres cross conveyor on a travelling rail mounted carriage. Rated at 1,400 tph with nominal belt speeds of 1.7 m/s, this conveyor feeds to one side of the tripper and is counterweighted to balance the load on the tripper rails.

DUO also supplied a shovel fed reclaim / blending system, comprising of a 4 metres x 2.2 metres hopper, lined with bolted 12 mm thick Hardox 400 panels.

This feeds material onto a 1000 mm x 13.25 metres long variable speed belt feeder, rated at 300 tph maximum.

DUO Manufacturing designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned the Rail Unloading and Stockpiling Plant, including all electrical control equipment, complete with cabling, wiring and all necessary accessories, conveyor pull wires, site lighting and warning beacons.