New Waste System for Skip-It - Sorted!


A family run business Skip-It is dedicated to protecting the environment offering a professional and reliable skip service that's committed to responsible waste management recycling which deals with waste efficiently and effectively with the environment at heart.

With over 25 years' experience in the waste management industry Skip-It has continually invested in the latest recycling technology. Their latest investment in a completely new waste sorting station has reinforced their ethos to guarantee to recycle more of the waste than any other comparable skip provider in the region has been an extremely effective tool for their incoming waste feed.

Installed last year the DUO Manufacturing (LJH) Waste Sorting System has dealt with thousands of tonnes of waste. Designed to handle commercial and domestic skip waste the plants incoming waste stream requires some pre-sorting to limit size of materials to -600mm and within a weight limit of 25Kgs and also to ensure the removal of any combustible or corrosive materials.

Operating at up to 50tph depending on material bulk, density and condition, the new system has allowed Skip-It to operate in a safe working environment to handle the waste. All incoming waste is now handled so efficiently that the daily incoming waste stream is cleared by the end of the morning.

The new system is of robust construction and is a tried and tested efficient design manufactured by DUO Manufacturing (LJH) who have extensive experience in major engineering projects in the Quarrying and Recycling Industries.

Dudley Lloyd - Director, commented, "Using all our experience in the industries we serve we apply the same robust standards in design and build to any project, regardless of size or application. The Skip-It Waste Sorting System is built to ensure minimal maintenance and standardises on consumables and wearing parts."

The process is very simple with incoming waste materials being fed by wheeled loader into a feed hopper, materials then passing through a vibrating feeder and onto an inclined conveyor. This belt then feeds into a 4 bay trommel screen which mechanically grades the fines fraction into two sizes by further screening. All oversize material is then subsequently fed onto a link conveyor to the four man picking station. This link conveyor is fitted with an air knife blower, situated just below the head drum this blower separates any oversize lightweight materials which are then transferred to a bay situated under the tail end of the picking station.

All heavy materials then move onto a 1200mm wide picking belt where each picking station comprises of a discharge chute and a continuous centrally positioned pull wire for emergency stop situations. Situated within an operating cabin the four man station offers a safe and efficient operation with each operator manual selecting and rejecting specific materials not required in the end product via discharge chutes into 40 cubic yard skips below.

Any metals on the picking belt being subsequently removed by an overband magnet situated between the last picking station and the discharge end, all materials been discharged via chute.

Built to maximise on available space all conveyors are fully guarded to BS 7300 and all machinery is designed and manufactured to comply with the European Directive 98/37/CE, with all electrical work complying with current IEE regulations.

Commissioned in September 2008 the system has worked efficiently and has proven to be an asset in handling the daily waste stream.