Waste not; Want not, at Kiely Bros.


DUO Manufacturing have recently designed and installed a waste sorting system for Kiely Bros (Holdings) Ltd in Tyseley, East Birmingham. Originating from the local area an incoming mixed waste stream of paper, metals, hardcore, wood and general rubbish is delivered to the site of which a high percentage of which is recycled.

The Kiely waste sorting system was designed to specific criteria and is designed to handle a wide range of material, mainly from skip waste.

With the plant operating at the rate of 100 tph it efficiently deals with all incoming materials and provides Kiely Bros with the hardware for producing an end product of clean hardcore and the means to separate the remaining products for recycling.

Any incoming waste that needs to be shredded is fed into the system through a mobile shredder unit which after processing discharges the material onto a link conveyor delivering the material up to the trommel feed hopper, Alternatively the feed hopper can be fed with alternative material directly by swing shovel.

The trommel feed hopper has a heaped capacity of 10 cubic metres, the material is feed into the trommel by a vibrating pan feeder and the heavy-duty trommel screen then removes the fines from the material.

Oversize material is then discharged on to an inclined link conveyor. At the head end of this conveyor is the primary blower unit, the air knife is situated below the head drum of the link conveyor to enable separation of heavy and light materials whilst they are in free fall onto the picking belt.

The heavy materials drop down onto the picking belt which is within a fully enclosed operator's cabin complete with lighting and heating. The picking belt is 1200mm width with four picking stations each side. An electronic variable speed unit on both sides of the conveyor controls the speed of the picking belt. There are emergency pull wires down the side of the conveyor and also above the belt through the picking station.

Material exiting the picking station passes under an overband magnet fitted between the last sorting station and discharge end, removing any ferrous metals into a bay.
A second blower unit is situated below the head drum of the picking belt to enable separation of any remaining lights from heavies whilst they are in free fall onto the floor whilst the light materials are transferred via steel ducting to a receiving bay.

The plant is fully driven by electric motors and powered by 150 KVA diesel drive generator, which was supplied by DUO.

DUO Manufacturing have designed, manufactured the plant to comply with the European Directive 98/37/CE.