Apron Feeders

Terex® Jaques Apron Feeders use heavy-duty crawler tractor carrying rollers and chain, a fabricated support frame and high-strength steel head shafts and tail shafts. The lifetime of all parts is long, even under severe conditions, and maintenance requirements are low.

Typical applications include primary hopper recovery, stockpile reclaim, crusher feed and reclaim, ship and rail-car loading and unloading stations, ore pass recovery and other installations requiring a controlled feed.

Features & Benefits:

  • Variable speed electro-mechanical or hydraulic drive.
  • Custom designed to suit each application and capacity
  • Reduced tip height and ramp costs.
  • Reversing capability make it easy to unblock bridging in the hopper.
  • Segmental drive sprockets mean that sprockets can be replaced without splitting the chain.
  • Easy to lubricate with centralized lubrication at head and tail.
  • Hydraulic chain tension adjustment is standard on most models.


Slope - degrees

Width x Length 
in Inches

Jaques D3 0-25

173-589 x 35-79
(4393-14967 x 900-2000)

Jaques D4 0-25

190-648 x 41-87
(4833-16465 x 1050-2200)

Jaques D6 0-25

226-769 x 47-95
(5729-19519 x 1200-2400)

Jaques D7 0-25 Varies
Jaques D8 0-25

240-818 x 59-110
(6099-20780 x 1500-2800)

Jaques D9 0-25

290-987 x 65-118

(7355-25059 x 1650-3000)

Jaques D10 0-25

290-987 x 71-126
(7355-25059 x 1800-3200

Jaques D11 0-25

353-1203 x 79-134
(8969-30559 x 2000-3400)

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