Deep Cone Thickeners

Deep Cone Thickeners are an effective alternative to traditional thickener tanks. Deep Cone Thickeners hold many advantages over traditional thickeners. Some of these advantages include no moving mechanical parts, lower flocculent consumption, smaller footprint and large storage area for sludge in the conical section. Due to their steep conical sides, higher densities of sludge can be achieved and gravity is utilised to transfer the sludge to the outlet. High density sludge means there is less dewatering required downstream.

DUO initially introduced Deep Cone Thickeners to the quarry industry in 2004 and due to their numerous advantages we have supplied more than 50 of these units to date.

Features & Benefits:

  • Small foot print
  • No moving parts
  • Easy and affordable maintenance 
  • Reduced Flocculent consumption
  • Large storage area for sludge in cone
  • Consistent sludge density 
  • Automatic density control 
  • Automatic sludge discharge

DUO can supply a range of deep cone thickeners to suit the individual requirements of each application.

Our range includes:


Flow rate

4m Diameter


5m Diameter


6m Diameter


7m Diameter


8m Diameter


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