Dynamic Thickeners

Dynamic Thickeners are commonly used for the separation of silt and water from sludge. They are circular tanks with a shallow cone section and internal rake. The sludge is fed into the top of the thickener where flocculent is added. The rake rotates slowly and gradually pulls the settled silt towards the central discharge port. By monitoring the torque level on the rake we can control the density at which the sludge is discharged.

The tanks are manufactured in sections and bolted together on site for ease of transport and their low level design is beneficial where height restrictions apply to a site.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low level design 
  • Internal rake mechanism 
  • Torque monitor
  • Suitable were there are height restrictions on site
  • Suitable for feeding by gravity
  • Easily assembled on site


DUO offers two types of Dynamic Thickener to meet the individual requirements of each application. They in range in size from the 4m dynamic cone capable of processing 120m3/hr to the dynamic rake capable of processing over 3000m3/hr.

Dynamic Cone

Dynamic Rake

DC 4m

DR 8m

DC 6m

DR 10m

DC 8m




DR 20m

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