Flocculent Mixing Systems

Flocculent is used in the water treatment process to initially separate solids (- 63 micron) from water.

Flocculation occurs when destabilised particles are brought together by high molecular weight polymers such as Polyacrylamides. These polymers physically form a bridge between two or more particles, uniting the solids into loose three-dimensional structures. These structures are both denser and more porous than the untreated solids and so help in the typical/common forms of mechanical dewatering employed.

DUO offers a range of Flocculent Mixing Systems that automatically prepare a batch of flocculent by mixing the flocculent powder with water to achieve the required concentration. Our systems are sized specific to each application to ensure the flocculent has sufficient time to mix prior to being dosed, ensuring the best results and minimising the amount of flocculent required in the process.

Features & Benefits:

  • Automatic mixing of the flocculent and water
  • Easily adjustable concentration levels
  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • Complete with electrical control panel
  • Produces thoroughly mixed flocculent
  • Makes consistent production of dry cake achievable
  • Minimises flocculent waste

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