Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA)

Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) is the residue from Incinerators after the burning process. Even though great heat is used a percentage of wood, paper and other light weight materials remain unburned. When IBA is processed these materials need removing to leave a better quality Aggregate.

The main value in processing the IBA is the metal. This comes in three forms, Ferrous which is removed by a Magnet, Non Ferrous, which is removed using an Eddy Current Separator and Money which is generally Hand Picked.

The IBA can be dry screened or washed; this is down to customer preference. The main benefit of washing this material is producing a better quality, cleaner Aggregate that will achieve a higher price.

DUO are experienced in installing both types of IBA processing plants. In recent years, successful projects at KSD and Day Aggregates are excellent examples of dry screening and washing plants, respectively.

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