Quarry Dust & Crushed Fines

When crushing stone there is a significant amount of -4mm fines produced, generally in the region of 40%. This byproduct, regardless of type of stone, is of relatively low value.

In many quarries all over the UK large stockpiles of unsold fines can be seen as they are low quality and suitable for few applications due to silt content. By washing these fines and using them as a Natural Sand substitute you will automatically increase their value.

If the fines are Limestone based natural silt and clays will need to be removed from the bottom end allowing them to meet Concrete Sand specification. Manufactured silt from the crushing process also needs to be removed.

DUO have recently being doing this for CEMEX at Dove Holes Quarry, turning a waste product into a high value product which goes into the making of Concrete Railway Sleepers.


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