Wood Recycling

Wood recycling is the process of turning waste timber into usable products.

As we in the UK move towards a more sustainable society, we must re-use and recycle more, and landfill less. As landfill taxes, landfill operator and haulage costs continue to rise, and packaging waste regulations become more stringent, the recycling of materials, including wood, assumes an ever-increasing importance. The wood recycling sector therefore looks forward to an exciting future with enormous potential for expansion.

Possible recycled wood markets include those that manufacture landscaping products, animal bedding, furniture, paper products, adhesives, door panels, fence posts, utility poles, and wood chips. Wood chips can be used to enhance public gardens and highways and suppress weed growth.

DUO have installed, in conjunction with their partner - Binder+Co who are experts in the wood recycling, a plant for Arden Wood Shavings who process a waste wood from a variety of sources to produce wood shavings and sawdust for both for animal bedding and industrial uses.

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