Nottinghamshire Recycling case study

Material source:

C & D waste, green waste, wood and recycled aggregates.

Equipment installed:

GHT Gennaretti 503 variable speed centrifuge system.

Project requirements:

To install a new, full washing and water management plant for Nottinghamshire Recycling Ltd (NRL) with the ability to divert recycled aggregates from landfill and supply high quality clean washed materials to the local construction materials market.

Duo’s solution:

To design and install a system where site material could be fed into a static Chieftain 1400 feed hopper, before having ferrous metal removed and being rinsed by a static rinser screen.

The plant would prove its ability to process materials considered difficult to recycle; would remove more sand and silt than previously achieved; sort graded materials appropriately; and integrate the technological capabilities of a Powerscreen Recycling Logwasher and Fines Master 120 unit to effectively produce up to 120 tonnes of contaminant-free sand and gravel.

Project success:

By taking account of factors including silt content, clay content and the raw material settlement rate, the flocculent mixing and dosing system installed maintains a continuous supply of clean water and automatically mixes a batch of flocculent solution when the level drops. This totally self-contained plant has the flexibility to develop as market trends change and has delivered in creating a site previously considered as ‘not economically viable’ due to the cost of penalties.

Kevin Burgess – Managing Director at NRL commented, “The choice of the plant was based on a need to utilise a closed loop water treatment system and produce a consistent product to meet the expectations of a demanding market specification.

The new aggregate washing plant will help to maintain Nottinghamshire Recycling’s position as one of the major suppliers of quality recycled aggregates in the Midlands.”