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      Civil Engineering

      Trust us to complete the job

      With vast expertise across various civil engineering sectors, the Duo Civil Engineering team can provide the extra support your project needs to ensure it stays on-time, within budget and to your required specification.

      Experience counts

      Our industry knowledge and understanding are both extensive and have equipped our Civil Engineering team with the skills to successfully manage large and small site logistics, as well as set out and survey the design and testing of works.

      A real team player

      We’ve proven results from working with third party providers, and from liaising and coordinating works in compliance with regulatory and project stakeholder.

      Skills + knowledge = results

      We can supply the engineering expertise, quality plant equipment and qualified machine operator to fulfil:

      • Road building – new roads and motorway construction / road widening schemes
      • Landfill and waste management – construction of new facilities and capping / restoration of completed facilities
      • Land drainage and utilities installation – installation of new stormwater & foul water pipelines, gas pipelines and land drainage
      • Commercial land development – remediation of brownfield sites and development of green field sites
      • Flood protection – coastal erosion measures and management of dredge material on land

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      Martin McWilliams
      Duo Managing Director