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Terex® Minerals Processing Systems provides a complete range of static feeders.

The equipment range includes:

  • Terex® Jaques
  • Terex® Simplicity models
  • Terex® Cedarapids

Cedarapids VGF Series

Terex® Cedarapids Advantage Series VGF

The Advantage Series Vibrating Grizzly Feeder provides high production and long service life in a wide range of rigorous applications. The feeder design allows for better crushing equipment utilization. The large stroke produces high throughput tonnage with superior material separation at the grizzly. You get the most out of your primary crusher by feeding only what needs to be crushed. Overall operating costs are decreased, strengthening your return on investment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Welded steel box
  • Bolt-on ARS side liners and pan liners
  • Tubular reinforced feeder pan
  • Outboard front and rear spring mounting
  • Spring supports bolted to feeder box
  • Vibrator unit huck-bolted to feeder box
  • Unbalanced, counter-rotating vibrator unit shafts
  • Spherical self-aligning roller bearings
  • Adjustable timing gear concentrates vibration at feed end, centrally or discharge end
  • Oil-bath lubrication
  • Versatile bolt-together grizzly assembly with adjustable bar spacing and angle tip
  • Tapered, heavy-duty, abrasion resistant grizzly bars horizontally mounted


  • Sloped grizzly at 8° decline (one 5′ section)
  • Stepped grizzly (two 5′ sections)
  • Double-deck screen attachment with single clamp bar and woven wire screen cloth
  • Banded V-belt drive with motor sheave
  • Motor pivot base

Simplicity VGF Series

Terex® Simplicity Vibrating Grizzly Feeders

Terex® Simplicity vibrating grizzly feeders are heavy-duty pan feeders with grizzly sections added to the pan surface. They perform both scalping and feeding in a single unit and are designed for impact loading and heavy burdens. Standard grizzly feeder sizes range from 24″ x 8″ to 86″ x 28′. The grizzly feeder reduces maintenance and capital costs by scalping only large material to your crusher or rip rap pile, while fines pass through the grizzlies to be screened or discarded.

Base Unit:

  • Extra-heavy construction, deep side channels, extra-heavy cross member and filler bar sub-deck for long, reliable life
  • Adjustable grizzly openings- In one or two 5′ long sections
  • Heavy coil spring support system
  • Powerful oscillating twin shaft assembly- Reduces material bridging and assures positive feed
  • Sheaves and V-belts
  • Thick abrasion resistant steel pan liners
  • Thick abrasion resistant steel side liners

Optional Equipment:

  • Sloped Grizzly bars for impactor feed
  • Bearing temperature monitor

Apron Feeders

Terex® Jaques Apron Feeders use heavy-duty crawler tractor carrying rollers and chain, a fabricated support frame and high-strength steel head shafts and tail shafts. The lifetime of all parts is long, even under severe conditions, and maintenance requirements are low.

Typical applications include primary hopper recovery, stockpile reclaim, crusher feed and reclaim, ship and rail-car loading and unloading stations, ore pass recovery and other installations requiring a controlled feed.


ModelSlope - degreesWidth x Length in Inches (mm)
Jaques D30-25173-589 x 35-79 (4393-14967 x 900-2000)
Jaques D40-25
190-648 x 41-87 (4833-16465 x 1050-2200)
Jaques D60-25
226-769 x 47-95 (5729-19519 x 1200-2400)
Jaques D70-25
Jaques D80-25
240-818 x 59-110 (6099-20780 x 1500-2800)
Jaques D90-25
290-987 x 65-118 (7355-25059 x 1650-3000)
Jaques D100-25
290-987 x 71-126 (7355-25059 x 1800-3200
Jaques D110-25
353-1203 x 79-134 (8969-30559 x 2000-3400)

Features & Benefits:

  • Variable speed electro-mechanical or hydraulic drive
  • Custom designed to suit each application and capacity
  • Reduced tip height and ramp costs
  • Reversing capability make it easy to unblock bridging in the hopper
  • Segmental drive sprockets mean that sprockets can be replaced without splitting the chain
  • Easy to lubricate with centralized lubrication at head and tail
  • Hydraulic chain tension adjustment is standard on most models

Vibrating Pan

Terex® Simplicity heavy-duty pan feeders are used in almost all manufacturing and processing industries. Uses span from feeding bulk material or components to processing and conveying equipment. We can custom design a pan feeder to meet your application needs. Sizes range from 18″ x 6′ to 84″ x 28′.

Features & Benefits:

  • Extra-heavy construction, deep side channels, extra-heavy cross member and filler bar sub-deck for long, reliable life
  • Heavy coil spring support system
  • Sheaves and V-belts
  • Thick abrasion resistant steel pan liners
  • Thick abrasion resistant steel side liners


  • Stainless steel construction for food industry

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